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Extreme proposals will alienate public

The endless days of summer don't seem so endless when there's the looming spectre of possible job action in schools come the fall. Members of the B.C.

Honest debated needed for HST

Dear Editor: Re: Trouble with the HST, Letters to the Editor, The Record, July 1. Dave Lundy's rambling rant against the HST is an excellent example of how honest debate about the new tax is being drowned out by NDP political games.

HST bad for small business

Dear Editor: While awaiting the arrival of our HST ballots, we have all been bombarded with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign from the provincial government (paid for with our tax dollars).

HST issue sparks angry temper

I hate making crucial decisions when I'm angry. And I mean really angry, not just upset or a bit miffed.

City should explain high wages

Dear Editor: As a longtime New Westminster resident and taxpayer, I was surprised to again read about the high salaries of city management.

To the polls - or maybe not?

Speculation abounds that Premier Christy Clark is itching to call an election this fall, but I can't help but think the chances of that vote actually occurring are diminishing.

Irresponsible journalism

Dear Editor: "New Westminster man's daughters abducted to radioactive Fukushima" (The Record online, June 27) is a great story, but a mediocre piece of journalism. As a journalist, it is Mr.

'Shallow' story on vital issue

Dear editor: I was very disturbed by your lengthy article about Bruce Gherbetti (New Westminster man's daughters abducted to radioactive Fukushima, The Record online, June 27) which touched on the serious issues of international child abduction and s

All royal, all the time, this week in Canada

Try as you might to ignore it, this week is wall-to-wall William and Kate. Not since Paul Revere galloped through Massachusetts have so many gotten so worked up over the arrival of some British people.