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Court system has its hands tied in B.C

British Columbia's justice system is in crisis. This year, we saw serious cases delayed or thrown out because of a lack of judges to hear them or sheriffs to keep the courtroom safe.

Problems brewing at B.C. Ferries

The problems and challenges facing B.C. Ferries go much deeper than figuring out why some of its fleet keeps slamming into docks at high speed.

2011: A Year in Cartoons

A year in images

Smart meters make sense

Dear Editor: Over the past year, smart meters have been a major topic of discussion in B.C. as B.C. Hydro set about modernizing the province's electrical grid and updating their aging infrastructure.

Imagine a season of good for all

I want you to use your imagination. I want you to imagine a world in which every child wakes up on Christmas morning to find a nice gift under the tree.

Column was 'appalling'

Dear Editor: Re Stoners need a better argument, In My Opinion, The Record, Dec. 9 What a breathtakingly appalling column. 1. It is not only "stoners" who oppose the prohibition of marijuana. I do. The Senate does. Three former mayors of Vancouver do.

Christmas is a time for making memories

There is something almost addictive about reading other people's favourite Christmas memories. Perhaps it's being comforted by the discovery that what we value is valued by other members of our community.

Aboriginal issue has deep roots

Dear Editor: I just finished reading your Dec. 14 Our View entitled "Finger-pointing won't help Attawapiskat.

Burr Theatre does not exist

Dear Editor: We four are writing to correct the mistake that your reporter made in the first paragraph of your Dec. 16 front-page story. The circus will ring in the New Year at the Columbia Theatre, Mr.

Traditions should be saved

Dear Editor: Re: Christmas hasn't vanished, The Record, Letters to the editor, by Jim Cowan Mr. Cowan: In response to your opinion of my letter to the editor, I fear you have missed the point.