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Opinion: New West residents weigh in on property tax increases, city spending

A recent letter to the editor generated a flurry of responses
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Multiple New West residents had some feelings about a recent letter to the editor suggesting the city should lower staff wages and hold the line on property tax increases. Here's a sampling of responses.

A recent letter to the editor has provoked quite a response from New Westminster residents.

On Dec. 6, the Record published a letter from resident Bill Davis raising concerns about city staff salaries and the rise in property taxes. (You can read the whole thing here.) His letter seems to have struck a chord; numerous respondents have chimed in with their own comments and letters. Here's a sampling of some.


I agree that the city is showing a lack of financial stewardship, fiscal responsibility and cost consciousness. The city is involved in a wide variety of non-core municipal government services and could easily curtail their spending in areas and avoid ongoing larger than inflation property tax increases.

– Donald McLellan


I have long thought this particular council would benefit from some kind of oversight as I believe their goals for the city are unrealistic and impractical. I welcome an audit.

– Sherry Gerow


Yes, I agree 110 %. This city has had payroll and employees increase every year, and there has been no increase of services, but instead the loss of the recyling centre and now the pool! It's time for this council to find ways to reduce the payroll rather than saying that they don't like the increase but vote for it anyway.

– Jim Pelzer


I agree. Would also love to see the fire service, in particular chiefs and deputy chiefs, included.

– Raymond Wall


Hear, hear. I agree.

Why are government employees not affected by the coronavirus economy? We the people are the taxpayers and the voters. I thought we were all treated equal in this country. Well, if we had a cow (taxpayer) and we didn't feed (income) the cow, well, the farmer (our leaders) won't get the milk (taxes).

Get off your high horse and stop bleeding the cow dry.

Robert Kerr


Yes, I fully agree to lower city internal expenses before raising taxes, especially in this time, as all New Westminster residents are going through such a horrible time with the pandemic and food, rent and other expenses increasing in cost.

– Yvonne Hermkens


It's time to boycott city hall property taxes, electric, etc.

– Gary Prokovich