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Letter: Municipal tax hikes are hard on seniors in New West

Young people can't afford to buy homes in the town they grew up in
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Municipal tax increases are hard on seniors who aren't getting wage increases, says this letter writer.


Re: New Westminster needs to cut city staff, lower salaries, Letter to the editor, Dec. 6

I too am concerned about the municipal taxes going up and up every single year. 

It's especially hard on seniors who aren’t getting wage increases, especially those who live in a single-family home where taxes are absurd. It’s also hard on young people who can’t afford to buy a house in the town they grew up in no matter how good a wage they make. Young, growing families need houses, even small ones, not apartments. 

And wages at city hall need to stay the same or be reduced to keep in line with everyone else. Especially on the higher end of wages.

Anne Lalande, New Westminster