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Letter: Cutting taxes is not the answer in New Westminster

New West is a 'sought-after' place to live because of the services it provides
City hall - Nov. 2021
Cutting taxes in New Westminster isn't the answer, says this letter writer.


Re: New Westminster needs to cut city staff, lower salaries, Letter to the editor, Dec. 6

I do not support this narrow-minded viewpoint brought forward by Bill Davis.

I understand his concern with property taxes; with the millions he has made on his home in the recent years, it is understandable he would want to be even greedier while others suffer.  It's the boomer way, after all. 

New Westminster is one of the most sought-after communities to live in, and part of the reason is the excellent services received from the staff at city hall.  I think Bill should sell his home and move somewhere where city services are much lower than in New Westminster to get a true understanding of what he is clueless about.

Jason Bushnell, New Westminster