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Letter: What will New West do about lawn sprinkling scofflaws?

Water restrictions won't work if no one's enforcing them.
Water, water everywhere: How can the City of New Westminster best enforce water restrictions? This writer has some questions.


Re: letters in the July 27th Record from Andrew Murray and Gavin McLeod

One of the things I am deeply concerned about with regards to the state of the world these days is the environment. Unfortunately, it seems that many of my neighbours do not share this concern, at least when it comes to water usage in their own homes.

Just last night while walking our dog before bed, there were four houses with their sprinklers running to water their lawns and gardens. Even under the current Stage 1 restrictions, this is not allowed, so what will happen when we move to Stage 2 in two days' time?

Is it up to me to contact the city every time I see a home breaking these rules? And then what will happen? Will the city send someone out every night for hours at a time, patrolling neighbourhoods to find the rule breakers? Will they even actually be fined, or just given a warning? And how will all of these expenses be paid for, raising my property taxes even more?

As Andrew's letter talked about, water meters would help, but it would have to be on a reward-the-low-use-users basis if it is a voluntary implementation process, because you know those who are already breaking the laws would not bother to sign up. Believe me, I would love to have my flat rate utility bill reduced, and if there is any way to do that, sign me up!

Let's do better, City of New Westminster — the time is now.

Emma Scott

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