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Letter: New West needs water meters, not just prayers for rain

"The luxury of being able to use as much water as one pleases is just not sustainable."
Precious resource: Water conservation is an ever-more-pressing need in the face of climate change, and it's time for water meters in New West, this writer says.


In 2016, a delegation appeared before council to ask for the implementation of a voluntary water metering program for single-family homes in New West.

The city chose not to act at that time, though as a consolation ruled all new construction of homes had to be wired for meters.

Seven years later, as we look skyward praying for rain, we still have thousands of single-family homes who are allowed to use as much water as they please for a flat annual rate.

Water is the most valuable resource on the planet. It is finite, and our growing population will continue to put increasing stress on our system. Studies have consistently shown those homeowners who install water meters and conserve pay less than those on a flat rate.

The implementation is voluntary; no one would be forced to change. The new normal for weather is there no longer is a normal. The luxury of being able to use as much water as one pleases is just not sustainable.

p.s. I am a single-family homeowner.

Andrew Murray

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