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Letter: Water meters are the way to go to save money and conserve water

Do water meters hold the key to saving money and conserving water?
Conserving water: New West resident supports water meters. photo Simon McGill/Moment/Getty Images


At one time in New Westminster, there were water meters, brass or bronze mechanical devices that remain in many locations. My property had one and the house was built in 1941 so metering was in effect in the 40s until ?

Two decades ago, a co-worker, who lived in Surrey, signed up for a free water meter installation. It was estimated that a family of five or less would save money. We meter electricity and gas, which are as essential as water. A former New Westminster politician opined that water meters would disadvantage the poor, did he think the poor were water hogs? I have a wealthy neighbour who is a prodigious user of water for hot tub, pressure washer an in ground sprinkler system that runs every day and vehicles that are washed frequently.

Our taxes pay to get high-quality water processing and delivery systems that supply high quality drinking water that is often wasted. Surrey is considering an advanced metering system that provides online information.

There are many ways to conserve water; a meter would provide a direct way to measure results of conservation and save money and the cost of additional infrastructure.

Gavin McLeod