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Letters: 'Mainland' New West residents need to stop lecturing us in Queensborough

Q resident details issues accessing transit
The Port Royal section of Queensborough. Record files


Re: New West should spend money on a fire boat, not Q to Q, Record Letters

New Westminster residents who do not live in Queensborough need to stop telling Queensborough residents what they need.
I have been a resident of Queensborough for six years and I have read a lot of "mainland" New West residents decrying or downplaying the necessity of the Q2Q ferry and those people need to check their entitlement.
The Q2Q ferry program exists to service all of New Westminster, and for those mainlanders who visit Queensborough via the ferry often tell me the same thing, "it’s a cute community, but there's not much here."

Yeah, there's not much here, which is why we need the Q2Q ferry as Queensborough residents.
The Q2Q is a $4 ($2 each way) 10-minute trip to the downtown core, granting disconnected, tax-paying Queensborough residents access to entertainment, retail, professional services and SkyTrain that is otherwise a 30-minute walk to the SkyTrain and transit fee or a 20-minute $3 bus and SkyTrain each way.
Cost-wise, the Q2Q is more affordable.
Time-wise, the Q2Q is faster access to the SkyTrain.
Lifestyle-wise, the Q2Q is a wonderful way to move about the city, appreciate the waterfront and meet your neighbours.
Do not dictate to me the value of the Q2Q ferry, you don't live here, so don't worry about it.
Queensborough wants the ferry, Queensborough needs the ferry, Queensborough appreciates the ferry in a way that other New West residents can't and probably never will, so mind your own business.

M. Heal, New Westminster