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Letter: New West should spend money on a fire boat, not Q to Q

Does New West need a fire boat?
The Q to Q ferry. Record file photo


I fail to understand why our mayor wants to have all the fun stuff in New Westminster when we as taxpayers are paying for it and, more importantly, we need to protect the City of New Westminster. 

As adults of our city, we can figure out what ways to have fun and enjoy our time without spending our money on useless expenditures.

We spend (money each year) on (the Q to Q ferry) that is not needed because he is advocating for our transportation. 

The ferry is only for fun. It does not fit in with protecting our city.

The money would be better spent … on a fire boat. This ferry is not used to take your children to school or work from home with COVID-19 and we cannot use it as a fireboat.

How many people per our population use the ferry and how many people use the pier in New Westminster and like to live in a safe community with fire protection?

J. Hawes, New Westminster