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Letter: You nearly hit me in a New West crosswalk. Late for a drug deal?

Pedestrian airs concerns about drivers
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(One recent night), at 10:20 p.m., I was "attempting" to cross Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street. I was in the crosswalk, and the walk sign was illuminated. Silly me.
Some young man, driving a dark SUV ran a red light, made a right-hand turn on Eighth Street without obviously stopping to see if any traffic was coming and just missed me, in the crosswalk, by maybe two feet, and kept going down Eighth.
I know how to drive - obviously you don't, or you were attempting to get to your next drug deal or you were trying to impress your girlfriend in the front seat or you were going over the speed limit and couldn't stop for the light.
Shame on you. Shame on your parents for how you were raised. Shame on your method of driving instructions for learning poor driving habits.
Just be happy that you won't be meeting me in the emergency room tonight, where I'll be working.

Katherine Wishart, New Westminster