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Letter: COVID-19 means we can't escape misery of pile-driving noise

Writer calls noise 'unbearable'
The Bosa Pier West site. Contributed


Re: Pile driving set to begin at Bosa property on New Westminster’s waterfront, Record News

Bosa has proven once again that it cares nothing about the community in which they build.

We suffered through two years of unbearable noise and damage while they drove piles for RiverSky. They promised they would use alternate methods this time for Pier West.

They have broken that promise.

Please, please don't put us through that misery again.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, so many of us are either confined to our homes or, like myself, are now working from home.

Is Bosa really going to put us through this when we can't even leave our homes to escape the noise?

Cole Barry, New Westminster