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No right to push voters

DEAR EDITOR: Am I alone? With the civic election days away, I wanted to write about an issue that has greatly disturbed me. First it was Dawn Black, and then soon followed by the federal NDP'ers.

Kindergarten lessons to take to the polls

Right around now in the civic election campaign we're thinking democracy may be overrated.

Spreading party politics a bad move in city

Recently we ran a story on city NDP MLA Dawn Black throwing her support behind candidates running for civic spots in the city. Today we publish a story on NDP MPs Fin Donnelly and Peter Julian's phone endorsement campaign in the city.

What's the mayor's point?

Dear Editor: I read Mayor Wayne Wright's ad: In Difficult Times Experience Counts. What exactly is the state of our city, Mr.

Keep trucks off Royal Avenue

Dear Editor: Lately, I have noticed an increase in trucks on Royal Avenue. I thought that allowing the trucks on Royal Avenue was just a plan. Now, it has been implemented. I have recently read coverage of this situation.

The more things change

The times they are a'changing. Well, perhaps the times do, but politics in the Royal City seems to be déjà vu all over again.

Staff - always an easy campaign target

It always happens in a city election.

Library deserves an upgrade

Dear Editor: Let me start with a quiz to readers, if I may. Name, please, three public services traditionally provided by city governments? If you think police and firefighting - you are correct. And the third one? Let me give you a few hints.

Is huge change needed?

Dear Editor: Re: Changes ahead for education system, by Keith Baldrey, The Record, Oct. 12. Every time there's a new government, there are more "sweeping changes.

City is not a business

Dear Editor: Re: On the trail, by Theresa McManus, The Record, Nov. 4.
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