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Layton's departure a game-changer

The sudden and sad departure of Jack Layton from the political stage is mostly bad news for the federal NDP, but it also comes with a cost to the B.C. NDP.

Letter publication shameful

Dear Editor: I'm extremely shocked and upset to see you published the letter "Clothes Send a Message" (Letters to the Editor, The Record, July 29.

A message to the thieves

Dear Editor: Attention power washer thieves: I just wanted to thank you very much for teaching me a valuable lesson.

Dog owners: Don't be cruel to pets

I don't know of many who weren't enjoying the spate of nice weather we just had - appeased that the sun stayed for a few days, at least.

Wind energy is a good plan

Dear Editor: I was pleased to discover, and quite recently, that B.C. now gets some of its electricity from B.C. wind farms. B.C.

Don't let this long weekend turn to tragedy

For most of us, a major car accident is little more than a blip: an item on the evening news; the sound of a speeding ambulance passing by us in traffic; an update on a radio show on the morning commute; a road-side memorial with candles, notes and f

Clothes send a message

Dear Editor: More women will be sexually assaulted as a result of styles we see today: overexposure of breasts adding to skin-tight clothing, leaving nothing to the imagination. Just my opinion. Rose Bernard, Burnaby

Don't miss ballot deadline

Dear Editor: It is critically important that all British Columbians are fully informed about the new deadline to submit their HST referendum ballots. We wrote to B.C.

Heroes prove the value of reaching out

It's not that hard. Reaching out to a stranger, be it holding open a door for someone with his or her hands full, or letting someone go ahead in the grocery line. Or right up to saving a life.

Has B.C. reached breaking point?

The tax revolt that appears to be simmering in this province has the potential to turn the provincial political scene on its head, with serious ramifications for our two main parties and the interest groups that support them.