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What's the secret ingredient for winners?

Post-election analysis in politics is a bit like post-game analysis in sports. It's a whole lot easier than election or sports predictions. The election Saturday in New Westminster was no different.

Political 'czars' are firmly entrenched

Once again, the status quo held fast as about one third of the electorate voted for municipal politicians on the weekend.

Students' tribute moving

Dear Editor: As they do each year on the day before Remembrance Day, New Westminster Secondary School students paid tribute to our soldiers, past and present, at Massey Theatre.

Waste to energy not a good plan

Dear Editor, Re: Wasting away, Letters to the editor, The Record, Nov. 16. I would like to comment on Kris Taylor's letter criticizing the city's waste reduction efforts, mostly to correct the inaccuracies in that letter.

No, I won't tell you who to vote for

This is not a column exhorting you to get out and vote. We've done that (see above) - well, perhaps in a more benign manner than we have in the past. It is also not a column telling you who to vote for.

Head to the polls with a bit of forethought

Every three years, right around this time, we usually pull out the soapbox, jump on top of it, and start bemoaning the consistently low voter turnout at municipal elections.

Predicting the winner

Dear Editor: As an election comes close, an old newsman such as I can't resist tottering onto the battleground for one last look at the combatants.

Wasting away

Dear Editor: I found it interesting the positions taken by candidates Williams, Wandell, Puchmayr, and Cote on the WTE plant. All suggested that we move to a zero waste model.

Pipeline politics coming to B.C

This province may be about to feel the impact of a squeeze play by huge energy companies and Alberta, China and Ottawa. This scenario has been building for some time, ever since Enbridge Inc. first proposed building a $6.

Endorsements are helpful

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Spreading party politics a bad move in city, Our View, The Record, Nov. 11 I find myself in disagreement with your opinion piece whereby you decry the practice of MLAs and MPs voicing support for civic candidates.