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Letters: Keep your marijuana smoke to yourself, New West

That skunk smell can wreck a pleasant summer evening, says this writer.
If you're going to smoke marijuana, don't do it in my air: that's the message from this New Westminster letter writer.


Re: 'Marijuana menace' is making New Westminster unpleasant, Letters to the editor

I, too, seriously dislike the smell of marijuana smoke, especially now that it smells like skunk spray.

I don’t get out and about much but share B. Gray’s experience of being awoken on warm nights by the skunk smell of marijuana coming in the bedroom window (necessarily open to let in some cool air), or having a pleasant summer evening soured by the foul smell wafting in. I can’t fathom people who are willing to be around the smell of skunk for any reason. It’s so vile, skunks use it as a defence mechanism, for crying out loud.

Cigarette smoke is not much better, plus it makes me feel queasy.

Smoking anything on balconies/patios is not allowed in this condo building, due to the health hazard intruding into other people’s homes, but some inconsiderate people — whom you can never spot and so can’t file a complaint — do it anyway.

As far as I’m concerned, devotees can smoke all they want, so long as they keep the stink to themselves. Stay indoors, shut your windows and puff away to your heart’s content — after all, you’re obviously OK with the smell so shouldn’t mind if your home reeks of it (you’ll just have to have the place fumigated when you want to sell) — but don’t selfishly inflict the stench on others.

J. Hellem

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