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Letter: Hey, New West, drier sheets are more toxic than cannabis

Lay off the people using a legal and medicinal product, says this letter writer.
Lay off cannabis users: it's legal, and it's medicinal, says this New Westminster letter writer.


In response to the "cannabis (marijuana is a racist term) is worse than cigarettes" letter: Cannabis is medicinal for many users, so it is ableist to assume others use cannabis for relaxation purposes.

The B.C. government allowed for the banning of cannabis use in apartment buildings and condo buildings, therefore making it law that cannabis users in condos/apartments must go outside.

There is so much intervenous drug use on the streets in New Westminster, many people who struggle with serious addiction issues, so that now one must be careful walking in New West parks and downtown area, possibly leaving biohazardous material for children and pets to come into contact.

Perhaps if people want to impact the scourge of drug use in New West, they can clean up used needles or volunteer at a homeless shelter, to make a real impact in the world, instead of complaining about cannabis and the desire to prevent people for cannabis using their legal medicine.

1) Cannabis is legal, and I spend a lot of money on taxes to purchase my medicine for my arthritis, bone deformity, severe neuropathy in my hands, and my diagnosed trauma and PTSD.

2) Cannabis is not allowed in my condo building; even with a HEPA, thanks to the provincial NDP.

3) Cannabis is healing plant medicine from traditional healing traditions.

4) It is ableist, racist and cruel to deny people their medicine.

5) If you don't like the smell of cannabis: close a window, turn on a HEPA filter, cross the street, go for a walk, just don't condemn other people's medicine, as it is our right to use cannabis as it is the law.

Drier sheets for laundry purposes are far greater in toxic chemicals, and it destroys the environment, injures pets, and causes cancer. I am allergic to laundry sheets, which I believe are the scourge of the earth. Isn't it better to get rid of laundry sheet smells?

Do you use laundry balls instead of drier sheers to protect the lives in your home and surrounding areas? As well as preventing all the neighbours and pets and birds around your home?

Laundry sheets are dangerous and the real source of toxic fumes in New Westminster.

R. Handy, New Westminster