Letter: Uptown tower won't fix 'stalled' economy - better restaurants will


Re: “You are throwing Princess Street under the bus,” Record, June 26

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Rather than trying to revitalize a “stalled” economic viability of Uptown by building a high tower that will most likely contribute to congestion, pollution and chaos, perhaps our city could review reasons why some well-functioning affordable restaurants and stores have vanished or been replaced with other businesses. 

The latest losses include two higher-end attractive heritage restaurants, now torn down. Will their replacement bring more vitality? 

Uptown New West has fewer well-planned restaurants fit for its citizens. We need some that supply happy ambience and wide choices of healthy menus with affordable prices, and where people are drawn to meet family and friends.

Perhaps provide more than a few round tables where six to 10 people can be conveniently seated for inspirational face-to-face conversations and general happiness, thereby also producing more positively active citizens. 

Provide improved clothing and shoe stores with more and better variety or choices in styles, including career-oriented garments. More free or longer-timed parking where people shop, meet, eat and otherwise support businesses are badly needed if we want to see ourselves as contributing citizens of a friendly and progressive city.

People will still walk. Not everyone drives or owns a car.

The city also needs to focus more on other areas, like on the “uphill” sections of the West End and Connaught areas, where a proper grocery store has been needed and requested by residents for many years.

In some areas, provide or build a small/medium-sized, simply-styled, multi-purpose venue for special films, drama productions, public speeches, small professional workshops, academic and amateur photo, art or travel presentations, various discussions and debates.

With nearby friendly neighbours, people will take the time and enjoy contributing to the spirit of community, as they will be conveniently involved in their interests.

Add a wholesome family restaurant and provide spaces to fill the need for regular exercise and timely entertainment, all closer to homes, especially those of seniors and families with young children. 

The city would then also help stop the need for gas-guzzling trips across town to fetch needed groceries, taxi children, drop off glass jars, grab some exercise, do some yoga or meditating. Opportunities for occasional networking with neighbours at mutually planned activities enhances inclusiveness and cultural understandings.

Working together, we can help prevent unnecessary pollution and stress. Inspired and supported happy, healthy citizens best revitalize neighbourhoods, our central city of New Westminster, and so, too, surrounding areas, further encouraging more citizens to build a better world for all. 

Carla Evans, New Westminster


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