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Letter: This is why B.C. must reject the Tilbury LNG project

B.C.'s leaders need to make the right choice for our future, this writer says.
Climate change is at the forefront of global discussion. That's why B.C. leaders need to make the right choice on the Tilbury LNG project, this writer says.


Thanks for your past coverage of climate change issues, and the important steps that leaders and citizens are taking to address this topic.

I'm writing to express deep concern about a climate-related project: the Tilbury LNG jetty. It is critical that the B.C. government reject this project proposal, which will emit as much pollution as the whole city of Vancouver, while threatening one of the most important salmon runs on the West Coast, endangering our resident Orca whale population, and leading to more destructive fracking.

Fracking in northeastern B.C. has been shown to be an extremely destructive process that endangers our water quality, disrupts food supply for many Indigenous nations and is as bad for the climate as burning coal.

I urge all citizens of B.C. to learn more about the Tilbury LNG project and call on B.C.'s leaders to make the right choice for our future: stop building fossil fuel infrastructure like Tilbury LNG and move us boldly toward a more sustainable future.

Agnes Black, New Westminster