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Letter: Climate 'tax grab' will be hard on low-income folks

This pensioner isn't keen on the idea of a 3.5 per cent climate tax levy on electrical bills.
Low-income families and pensioners struggling with the cost of living could do without a 3.5 per cent "climate tax" on their electrical bills, a New Westminster resident writes.


I'm wondering if whomever came up with the idea to levy a 3.5 per cent "climate tax" on our electrical bills could please explain what the hell they were thinking at the time?

Electricity is supposed to be a clean energy product (if not "the cleanest" energy product), which we already pay dearly for, so how exactly can anyone justify taxing it?

And for the majority of our brand new city council here in New Westminster to reject reducing the extra 3.5 per cent levy on this tax grab makes me extremely worried that low-income families and pensioners like myself who are barely scraping by could be in for a very rough financial ride over the next four years.

Gary Tupper

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