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Letter: Thank you for a sweet gesture on trip to New West Quay

Surprise bouquet of flowers from a young girl was deeply appreciated
Westminster Quay - June 2022 2
A gift from a young girl made for a memorable visit to the New Westminster Quay


With so much negativity, killings and war news I would like to share my good news story.

With such a nice sunny day on June 11, my hubby and I decided to go for coffee and a walk at New West Quay. It was a very busy day but we managed to get a parking spot on Columbia Street. We took the overpass by the Wait for Me daddy memorial. 

As we were walking up the stairs a young girl about eight years old stopped beside me and said, “These are for you."  

She was holding a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers. I said, “Really for me?” and she said, “Yes” and handed the flowers to me. 

I did say thank you very much but it goes much further than that. It made my day and I have told many people about my story since. 

I truly hope she and her family live in the area and will see my letter and realize how much it meant to me to see such kindness and thoughtfulness in  today’s world. May we all learn from this young person.

Thank you young lady from the bottom of my heart.

Pam Leah

New Westminster.