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Letter: Tax the corporations that are profiting while we suffer

Tired of being a pawn in the corporate game of winner take all? Then ask Trudeau to introduce a Windfall Profits Tax.
Ordinary Canadians are struggling while big corporates rake in the money — this letter writer says it's time for Canada to introduce a Windfall Profits Tax.


Everyone can see inflation is crippling us. Gas, rent/mortgages, food — all of it is skyrocketing, and it doesn't take long to see who is to blame! I know I am not alone in being disgusted to see the record profits posted by corporations while ordinary people are struggling to stretch our income, with many no longer able to cover basic needs. I have no patience with how major corporations like grocery store chains and oil and gas companies are price gouging until my students and neighbours are forced to go to food banks.

To make matters worse, communities around the world are being hit by major climate impacts like wildfires, floods, and storms, and have to deal with the financial toll left in their wake. While all of this is going on, fossil fuel companies — those most responsible for the climate crisis — are sitting on their hoards like modern-day dragons.

We need a Windfall Profits Tax. These companies shouldn’t just be able to line their pockets while making the climate crisis worse. Countries around the world are already implementing their own versions, and it’s time Canada followed suit.

I am tired of being a pawn in their game of winner take all. That’s why I got involved with 350 Canada’s #TaxBigOil campaign. An oil and gas Windfall Profits Tax could raise billions to help communities rebuild after climate events and speed up Canada’s transition to clean energy ensuring no one gets left behind in the process. You can learn more about the campaign at

Maureen Curran


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