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Letter: Sorry, in no way is New West's new playground 'dangerous'

Some have expressed concerns about the slides
westminster pier park slide
The new playground at Westminster Pier Park was well-used during the park's reopening.


I’d like to commend the City of New Westminster for choosing a more, shall-we-say, exciting playground at Westminster Pier Park.

There has been much ado about supposedly dangerous elements of the playground, namely the tube and rail slides.

It’s important to note that each element is marked with its recommended age levels. And aside from some healthy jitters a first-timer might experience at the top and the fact that - a reliable source has told me - it’s “super dark” inside, there’s nothing dangerous about the main slide. Likewise for the leg rail one, which the city would not have included if there were (any dangers).

Evidence shows that an element of risk in play is very beneficial to a child’s development, whereas bubble-wrapping them has the opposite effect. After all, isn’t a sprained ankle or two a necessary rite of passage for a youngster?

John Kendler, New Westminster