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Letter: Quayside dog park should be more than a puppy prison yard

This New Westminster resident has some ideas for improving a popular spot for pooches.
Puppy prison? This New West letter writer says the Quayside dog park needs an upgrade to make it more park than "prison yard."

The Editor:

In response to the letter "It's time to upgrade the Quayside dog park in New West," I completely agree but feel there needs to be more done.

Currently, with the barbed-wire fence and lack of grass, it makes the park resemble a prison yard more than a dog park.

To improve, we should look to the dog park in North Vancouver, next to the MEC at Brooksbank, as an example to strive for. A great dog park designed for dogs and owners alike.

  • The city should consider adding some mulch instead of the dirt/gravel ground. This would make the wet months much more manageable for dog owners.
  • Adding in levels and obstacles such as boulders or big logs will add more ways for dogs to entertain themselves.
  • Also planting taller trees in different places will help add shade, making it more useable during the warm summer days.

Currently, the dogs can only run in circles in the dirt for so long before they get bored and you find them gazing out at the big field next to it. The look of an inmate wondering why they are constrained to a barbed wire gravel prison yard to play, not out in the field with the geese.

- Jonathan Dempsey, New Westminster

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