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Letter: NWPD needs support for New West's 'serious crime problem'

Protection of residents should take precedence over political ideology, this writer says.
The New Westminster Police Department needs to keep control of its budget and it needs funding to tackle the city's crime problem, this writer says.


I find it extremely troubling that some New Westminster city council members, along with a police board member, appear to be considering either taking funds away from the New Westminster police services, and/or handing control of the police budget over to city council.

The chief constable of our police department knows better than anyone else what the department needs, to deal with the serious violent crime problem that New Westminster and so many other cities in the Lower Mainland are facing on such a frequent basis.

And it is long past time that certain people in positions of power in this city put their personal ideologies aside, and get on board with Chief Const. Jansen and the New Westminster Police Department to ensure our citizens are as well protected as possible from those who choose to terrorize our city.

Thank you.

Gary Tupper

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