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Letter: New Westies shouldn't stick their heads in the sand over crime

We need New Westminster Police Department press releases, this writer says.
Who's being "political" over New Westminster police press releases? This New West writer disagrees with a city councillor.

The Editor:

Re: New West city councillor concerned over 'fearful' police communications

You can’t win in this day and age. “Police aren’t transparent enough.” … “Police are too transparent."

Day in, day out, our local police tackle the often gritty, dangerous and violent incidents within our community in order to keep us safe. Are some of those incidents “fearful” and difficult to hear about? By all means! But should we stick our heads in the sand and should our politicians seek to convey to our citizens that “all is well” and that we live in an idyllic, trouble-free community? Absolutely not.

I wholeheartedly disagree with Coun. Nakagawa’s position and would argue that she is being overly “political” by wanting to shield taxpayers from the truth of what is happening around them, perhaps to further advance her agenda of reallocating police resources and reducing the police budget.

Trish Robinson

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