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Letter: Don't keep us in the dark about New West crime

Too many press releases? Not for this resident.
Public information from the New Westminster Police Department about city crimes is welcomed by this letter writer.

The Editor:

Re: New West city councillor concerned over 'fearful' police communications

In my opinion, I for one am very thankful that the New Westminster city police issue bulletins with information regarding different acts of crime, and their efforts to combat these crimes in our city.

As senior citizens, and those who are recently arrived citizens, I think that we all need to be kept advised of those types of things, so that we can feel safe and know that the police are doing their jobs to protect us.

I remember a couple of years past, councillor Nakagawa was all in favour of defunding the police; now she thinks that they are doing too much.

As our city grows, the need for more policing is more important than ever. Not everyone wants to be kept in the dark.

Don L. Pike

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