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Letter: New West failed residents on Queen Elizabeth II memorial

Was the entrance wall at Queen's Park a bad location? It was if you have disabilities, says this writer.
QP Memorial pathway WEB
The Queen's Park entrance wall was popular with New Westminster residents leaving flowers and tributes for Queen Elizabeth II — but it wasn't easy to access for those who rely on cars or who have mobility challenges.


Regarding "Thank you for everything, Ma'am," I'd like to add: "Thanks, mayor and council, for making it almost impossible for so many" for not being able to access the small area set aside to leave flowers for Queen Elizabeth.

The recommendation of using the entry to Queen's Park, at the corner of McBride Boulevard and Sixth Avenue, to leave flowers, is a pathway only. No cars can enter a pathway; no cars are permitted to park on Sixth for a few minutes so one could run inside to lay flowers for the Queen.

If a person had a car, they'd have to go to the main entrance on the park, then drive to the designated area one was permitted to leave flowers. But, there is no parking permitted near or around the granite Queen's Park sign, so if a person happened to be disabled? One can only assume that's how the mayor and council think.

All in all, the City of New West failed on this, big time. There should have been a place set aside uptown and downtown where people of New West, be they on foot or bicycle, and especially those with compromised and physical disabilities, could have had easy access to leave flowers in honour of the Queen.

J. O'Reilly, New Westminster

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