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Letter: I remember the day I got close to the Queen

A New Westie remembers her childhood encounter with the monarch in 1971.
The Queen captivated local crowds on her 1971 stop at New Westminster City Hall.


Thank you for publishing the 1971 photo of Queen Elizabeth visiting New Westminster.  The photo brought back memories.

My brother Bob and I, just kids at the time, wanted to see the Queen and so walked several kilometres from our New West home to city hall. We arrived early and got a spot at the front at the top of the stairs where the ceremony was to take place.

When the queen arrived, the crowds of people who had gathered behind us surged forward forcing us even closer to the queen than we could ever have imagined. I recall being amazed at how beautiful she was. It was a true memory-making day. A steadfast presence over the decades, she will be missed.

Lori Pappajohn