Letter: Is New West council so insecure it can't admit recycling depot mistake?


It seems that, like the proverbial fable about the ostrich, our city council intends to bury its head in the sand when confronted with the profound disagreement over the relocation of the New Westminster recycling facility. 

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Since the relocation was announced some months ago, hardly a week goes by without a letter objecting to this decision. Ron Howe’s letter in the Sept. 5 New Westminster Record is a case in point: he notes that a one-way trip to the new facility from Brow of the Hill will take longer than a round trip to the existing facility. 

All I can add is, Ron is lucky he did not encounter a train, which can stretch the trip out to a good half-hour each way, going the long way around via Lougheed.

Our city council seems to want to pat itself on the back for decisions to ban single-use plastics and straws, and look at new ways to develop green building guidelines. 

Yet the decision most objected to (by my observation), which would help encourage New Westminster residents to lower their carbon footprint by recycling household materials, is completely ignored.

Is our city council so insecure that it cannot admit it has made a mistake? Or does it simply intend to continue to bury its head in the sand, hoping the problem will go away?

Peter Anderson, New Westminster

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