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Letter: Don't limit what I'm allowed to read about New West

Police press releases serve a purpose, this writer says.
Limiting NWPD press releases is an idea that doesn't sit well with this New West resident.

The Editor:

I found today’s letter regarding Councillor Nakagawa’s opinion that the police department’s press releases are “political" and ought to be limited (“nothing bad ever happens in my town”) worth a comment.

While censorship may be too strong a word, it would be a limit on what I’m allowed to read.

Frankly, I believe I can handle it. If I choose to walk home from a lacrosse game, and there’s been a spate of troubles on Columbia Street, it is helpful to know I should consider Carnarvon instead. If someone was attacked and witnesses are needed, I want and need to know if I can help. If a person is missing, I can’t help if I don’t know who to look for.

Perhaps Councillor Nakagawa would be mollified by a warning, similar to those which air prior to grisly items on the TV news: “Warning, this article may show the Royal City in an unfavourable light."

Chris Dumfries 

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