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New West athlete wins silver at national track championships

Levi Tuura makes the podium in first national competition
Levi Tuura - U20 - 1
Levi Tuura won a silver medal in high jump at the U20 nationals.

A New West teen took to the podium in his debut at the national track and field championships.

Levi Tuura, who recently turned 17, competed in the U20 Canadian Track and Field Championships in Langley on June 26, placing second and earning a silver medal with a jump of 2.02 metres. It was his first time competing at the nationals.

“Competing in the nationals is one thing, but coming second in U20 I am stoked about because I never really saw myself competing in a higher up age group,” he said. “I am really happy.”

Tuura jumped 2.02 metres, which was this third highest jump of the season.

“It was super hot, so I was pretty tired. I was kind of forcing myself over the bar,” he told the Record. “I am really happy with the silver. The guy that beat me, he is 19 and in university, so I can’t complain.”

Because he’s only 17, Tuura will also compete in the U18 national championships (his actual age group) in Sherbrooke, Quebec in August.

“That’s going to be super fun. I am excited to travel there. I’m feeling like it’s going to be a different experience,” he said. “In Langley, it’s local; you sleep in your own bed. But when you are in Quebec, I am going to be sleeping in a dorm with other athletes and it’s going to be definitely different than this weekend.”

Tuura, a Grade 11 student at New Westminster Secondary School, recently placed first in high jump at the B.C. High School Track and Field Championships. In that competition, he jumped 2.07 metres – his personal best. His closest competitor in the Senior division, which is for Grade 11 and 12 students, jumped 1.95 metres.

A member of the Richmond-based Kajaks Track and Field Club, Tuura was selected to be on Team BC, which led to his opportunity to compete in the nationals.

“I am super happy. It was really good. It was super hot, which was really tricky, but I was really happy with how it went. It was awesome,” he said. “I am really excited for the rest of the season. It’s been really good so far.”

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