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Were you in Queen's Park?

Cops looking for pair who flagged down officer

Railway appeal case coming next month

Quay residents hope court case will quiet trains

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Local historians hunt for artifacts of yesteryear

As we read through old newspapers and other resources from the early days of New Westminster, we often come across stories about local objects of interest, just as we might find in The Record today.

Take a peek into the lives of top chefs

I'm fascinated by people who take an ordinary activity and make it something extraordinary. While all of us do some type of cooking, even if it's only warming up frozen food, chefs elevate this ordinary activity into kitchen art.

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Downtown pawnshop fights city in court

The B.C. Supreme Court has ordered that the City of New Westminster turn over any documents that might assist a pawnshop manager with his claim that he was wrongfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted.

City set to sell property

The City of New Westminster has put the longtime home of the health unit up for sale. The city is inviting proposals for the purchase and development of the land and building at 57 Sixth St.

Cadet gets hands-on leadership training

A New Westminster air cadet recently participated in onthe-job training as part of the leadership and ceremonial instructor course at the Albert Head Air Cadet Summer Training Centre.

Extend Woodlands compensation, Dix says

NDP leader urges government to pay all survivors of abuse