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Trip to New Westminster featured on The Price is Right

#SearchForPhillip: The search is on for The Price is Right contestant who lost out on a trip to New Westminster
Where are you Phillip? A contestant on The Price is Right lost out on a trip to New Westminster - but Tourism New West wants to bring him to town.

A contestant on The Price is Right missed out on an all-expenses trip to New Westminster after overestimating the value of the vacation by $3,000 – but he may get that vacation anyway.

The contestant, Phillip, lost out on “an amazing trip to beautiful Canada” because he over-guessed the value of the trip – which included airfare from Los Angeles to Vancouver, a rental car, and a six-night stay at the Inn at the Quay – where he could “take in scenic water and boardwalk views at this boutique hotel located nearby popular park spaces, shops and restaurants.” A daily breakfast was included in the prize package.

Phillip guessed the value of the trip to be $8,280US but it was only $5,280US.

“What? What? That’s it. That’s way less than I thought it was going to be. We haven’t had a $5,000 trip in a while,” said host Drew Carey.

Mayor Patrick Johnstone said he wished he’d been notified ahead of time about the prize being offered on the popular game show.

“I could have sweetened up their prize package,” he told the Record.

Johnstone said he could have offered to take the visitor out to lunch at Piva Modern Italian, visit the New Media Gallery in Anvil Centre, walk along the boardwalk and make a stop at Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

The mayor may get his chance to play tour guide, if all goes according to plan.

Gerardo Corro, executive director of Tourism New West, said in the spirit of fun, Tourism New West is inviting folks to join the #SearchForPhillip – and help bring the The Price is Right contestant to New Westminster.

“The Tourism board is excited to extend a special invitation for Phillip to experience New West,” he said. “Our package includes plane tickets from LA to Vancouver, four nights at the Inn at the Quay, amazing gastronomic experiences, two tickets to the Hidden Wonders Speakeasy Magic Experience, and a beer tasting at one of our fantastic breweries for Phillip and a travel companion, all courtesy of Tourism New West.”

Corro said it was thrilling to see New Westminster featured on The Price is Right.

“It's truly exciting to witness the growing interest in our city as a must-visit destination within the Greater Vancouver area,” he said. “Nestled in the heart of Metro Vancouver, New Westminster is just a short 25-minute train ride from downtown Vancouver. Our hotels offer attractive prices, and every room at the Inn at the Quay provides breathtaking views of the majestic Fraser River.”

Corro is confident the contestant will enjoy the city's charm, its rich history and scenic beauty, its vibrant cultural scene and its diverse cuisine.

Anyone who knows Phillip can tag Tourism New West in Instagram or X (Twitter) at @TourismNewWest. #SearchForPhillip

Beautiful BC

Monday’s prize package wasn’t the first time The Price is Right has offered contestants a chance to win a trip to British Columbia.

In December 2019, a California man won an all-expenses paid trip to Prince George. A contestant on the April 4, 2019 episode of The Price is Right played (but didn’t win) a six-night trip to Nelson, B.C.

Earlier today, the New West Progressives took to social media to encourage Tourism New West and the Inn at the Quay to give “Phillip” the holiday he lost out on at The Price is Right.

“Why not give Price is Right contestant Philip that trip to #NewWest anyhow. It'd be great PR for the Royal City and he'd have a blast! Go for it.”

Coun. Daniel Fontaine of the New West Progressives attended a taping of The Price is Right with his mom in 1996, when Bob Barker was still hosting the show.

“It was a blast,” he said.

Fontaine and his mom were sitting in the front row, next to a couple from Sacramento. He recalled that when said the man was picked to go up on stage, the camera operator, thinking Fontaine and his mom were related to the man, focused on them when the contestant had an opportunity to win a car.

“Unfortunately, we gave him the wrong final number and he won a dishwasher instead,” Fontaine said.