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This local pub’s new ghost kitchen is all about wings

When you order a wing from Bring a Wing, it’s New West’s Union Jack Public House and Carvery that gets a ring
Did you know that Bring a Wing, an eatery that pops up on your food delivery app, is a local pub's ghost kitchen?

It's time to get your hands messy thanks to a wings-only stop in New West.

Bring a Wing launched right around the time when people were busy making their wish lists for Santa — late October 2022. It promised to grant people their wish for a hot wing tossed in a sauce they most desired — be it buffalo, cajun spice or Thai chilli.

This new stop for chicken wings is at least the second ghost kitchen (those listed as a business on third-party apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc., but without a physical location) to open in New West in recent times — the other being El Santo’s Deep Dish Cookies.

While Union Jack Public House and Carvery, home of the Jack’s signature stuffed yorkies (yorkshire pudding stuffed with roast beef) and the Mc-Jack Burger (made with an all-beef patty and a toasted sesame kaiser bun), does have wings listed as part of its cavernous menu, at the ghost kitchen, the juicy wings are the only items offered besides curly fries and drinks.

Wings are also the only common offering between Union Jack and Bring a Wing's, said M.J. Wilson, general manager at Union Jack.

When you place an order through Bring a Wing, the food comes from the kitchen of Union Jack, a sports bar that replaced the city's longstanding Moonrakers pub in 2013.  

“It is the same staff,” as Wilson said via a Facebook message. 

But what made the pub sell wings on the side in the first place?

“We had a request to start a ghost kitchen from a different company; the owner decided why not do it for ourselves?” said Wilson.

And so, the pub’s own new ghost kitchen took flight last year.

However, neither the holiday season nor the Super Bowl event that usually sees sports enthusiasts diving into big buckets of wings, helped ramp up the business.

“The response has been minimal,” as Wilson said. 

“There have been inquiries into Bring a Wing, but it has not been as successful as one could hope for,” she added.

Would that mean Bring a Wing would see its wings clipped?

Not for now, the pub confirmed.

Bring a Wing shares the same address as Union Jack Public House and Carvery — 525 Seventh St.