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This local dessert company just launched cookies with eggnog and candy canes in them

Trove Desserts’ ginger eggnog sandwich cookies and candy cane brownie cookies are fresh off the oven, right in time for Christmas.

Even as you get ready to go on your holiday break, let's remind you that a local gourmet dessert company has launched cookie flavours that might add a festive touch to your much-deserved R&R.

Trove Desserts has taken all the Christmas treats that test your willpower — think eggnog, candy canes and brownies —  and turned them into neatly baked cookies that are all-too-apropos for the season.

The cookies are part of their new dessert box that includes an assorted mix of red velvet sandwich cookies, shortbread, snickerdoodle bars, original Nanaimo bars, fudge brownies, sugar cookies and more.

But the two flavours that are particularly getting cleaned off their shelves the most are the ginger eggnog sandwich cookie and the candy cane brownie cookie. 

“They're two of the most popular flavours inside of our holiday boxes, for sure,” said Karli Stol, who co-owns the business along with her sister Julia Witter.

The sister-duo bakes them at the commissary kitchen at 800 20th St. “This year, I have to say, we have just been constantly producing — like huge batches of them. It's a constant cycle of making those cookies,” said Stol.

Trove Desserts has been flaunting its ginger eggnog sandwich cookies since 2020. “It was one of our featured flavours in our holiday boxes the first year. And it was pretty much everyone's favourite cookie in the box. We got so many good reviews!"

"So we brought some back last year. And now, this year again — just because they're now a holiday favourite of our customers,” said Stol. 

The cookie was a twist to the ginger molasses cookie that they had been baking in their family for “years and years,” added Stol. “It was always just the perfect soft and chewy cookie.” 

But at some point, Stol and her sister wanted to elevate the standard recipe. So, they made eggnog buttercream and sandwiched it between two moist ginger molasses cookies to see if the flavours commingled. 

“It was pretty good!” she said.

Stol and Witter grew up doing a ton of baking — “For any kind of special family gathering, birthday party, or anything like that, we would always be super excited to bring our own things to the party."

"We were just always so excited to try out new flavours.” 

That excitement never waned — this year, they debuted a brand new 'candy cane brownie cookie' in their dessert box.

As is evident from the name, it’s crushed candy cane pieces on a “really chocolatey cookie made with a fuzzy centre,” said Stol.

Earlier this year, they had offered the same brownie cookies with mini eggs studded in them during Easter. For Christmas, they simply switched it up with candy cane pieces, and added a little peppermint extract to the cookie base.

And if you have never paired candy canes and brownies before, Stol reassured: “People have been quite excited about it!”

You can either order whole dessert boxes from Trove Desserts or just pick the two flavours by the dozen, either online, or at the New West Farmers Market’s third Annual Holiday Market on Dec. 10 and 11, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., outside New Westminster City Hall.