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What does a Sapperton Cream doughnut taste like?

A local bakery's take on a classic Boston Cream doughnut is an ode to New West's Sapperton district.
Sapperton Cream doughnut, YUM Gourmet Donuts' take on a classic Boston Cream, might come back on the bakery's menu soon.

New West’s Sapperton neighbourhood already has a lager and a cocktail named after it, and now, there is a doughnut too.

YUM Gourmet Donuts, which opened its doors in Sapperton earlier this year, introduced its version of a classic Boston cream doughnut three weeks ago.

They called it the Sapperton Cream doughnut for more than just the fact that the bakery is located in Sapperton — it was also because, as Kim Collishaw, pastry chef at YUM Gourmet Donuts, said: “We really love Sapperton. We feel it’s such a growing community. When we opened up, we were just welcomed so warmly by so many people and so many other local businesses that we just kind of wanted to honour Sapperton."

But how different is Collishaw's version from a regular Boston Cream doughnut?

The Sapperton Cream doughnut is "lighter" than a regular Boston Cream, though they both use chocolate frosting and custard filling, and are made with similar ingredients like “milk, flour, sugar, vanilla, and so on,” said Collishaw.

Also, the Sapperton Cream doughnuts come with a lot more bling in comparison to the rather modest-looking Boston Cream doughnuts:

“Often, Boston Creams are just dipped in chocolate, but this has chocolate pearls and some (edible) gold dust on it,” said Collishaw, who has catered for events attended by famous personalities such as former U.S. president Bill Clinton. 

The doughnut is part of the bakery’s fall line-up, which features a new doughnut — like Biscoff Pumpkin Cheesecake, Boston Maple, and churro and dulce doughnut among others — every week. 

When Sapperton Cream debuted last month, it was quite a hit with people of New West — so much so that the bakery offered it two weeks in a row. 

If you missed to grab one at the time, you'll soon get a second chance to find out what a doughnut named after New West's historic neighbourhood tastes like. Said Collishaw, “It's going to make an appearance again in the next couple of weeks, probably.” 

YUM Gourmet Donuts is located at 468 E Columbia St.