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Queensborough now has a dedicated school bus to New West Secondary

More than 150 students are currently participating in the $1.614-million pilot project that started in January.
There's a new dedicated bus service for New Westminster Secondary students living in the Queensborough neighbourhood.

A new school bus route to and from New Westminster Secondary hit the road last month — and is set to continue for at least 2.5 years.

More than 150 students of the local high school that live in the Queensborough neighbourhood have signed on for the pilot project as part of efforts to improve transportation safety.

The project, which started in January, is a response to "longstanding concerns" from parents, a news release from the province reads.

More specifically, students needed to cross the Queensborough bridge on foot for a significant amount of time, putting their safety at risk.

The contracted bus is part of a $1.614-million funding granted for School District 40 (SD40) to access between now and June 2026.

"With the buses now in operation, I’ve been receiving feedback from families expressing relief from the significant stress of ensuring timely school arrivals," said SD40 board chair Maya Russell.

"Students already carry a multitude of concerns, and the assurance of a seat on a direct bus route greatly alleviates the burden of commuting for both students and parents."

Families that have signed on for the new bus route are paying $30 per month "to help offset the total cost," the province's statement added.

SD40 explained the monthly fee is charged evenly over the 10-month school year, which includes winter and spring breaks.

"The pilot program is specific to students whose home addresses are in Queensborough," the project's synopsis reads on SD40's website.

"Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ongoing and one-time courtesy rides for students who don’t live in the Queensborough community."

For more information on the Queensborough pilot bus service, you can visit SD40's website.