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Nearly $30K in B.C. funding to amp up New West's music scene

The provincial investments are set to help New Westminster musicians rock out later this year.
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Person playing an electric guitar surrounded by colourful circles.

New Westminster's music industry is set to thrive in 2024.

That's the goal the provincial government is eyeing with recent investment of nearly $30,000 for local artists and live events as part of efforts to help grow the industry.

The money is a piece of a $3.3-million pot being downstreamed through Amplify BC to hundreds of artists and companies to fund career and business development opportunities, concerts and initiatives, as well as "attracting out-of-province talent" to record at local studios.

Broken down, New West's funding includes:

  • $20,000 = New West Pride Society
    • New West Pride Concert Series
  • $8,000 = Orchard Sky (Krystle Dos Santos) 
    • Career Development

"Music has an incredible ability to weave communities together, fostering unity and resilience in the vibrant tapestry of New Westminster,” said New West MLA Jennifer Whiteside in a statement.

"This funding not only supports our local musicians but also strengthens the bonds that unite us, enriching the cultural fabric of our city and ensuring its continued vibrancy for generations to come."

The cash is also set to create job security across the province's music industry.

B.C. currently has has more than 200 music companies, 270 recording studios and 600 live music presenters.

For more information about Amplify BC and its programs, you can visit its website.