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Got a hankering for hot crispy french fries? Here’s where to go in New West

It’s French Fry Day — time to celebrate the classic deep-fried snack with an order or two of it
New West has a ton of spots to celebrate the beloved french fries

Finally, a day that celebrates the bag of salty goodness that complements your burgers and late-night binges: the french fries. 

If you, like us, await any excuse to nosh on the all-time favourite snack, you too would have marked July 13 on your calendars as National French Fry Day, and had an eye out for all the offers that fast food chains roll out around this time of the year — Burger King has a $1 Any Size Fries offer, and Wendy’s is offering a large order for $1 till the end of the week.

So, if you plan to replace your meals with an extra order of fries today, we have a list of places (besides the popular fast-food chains) that, going by the glorious reviews online, might make a good spot to grab a bag of fries. 

IT Burger

Nestled under the broad rice and fries category on the menu are a variety of fries: garlic fries, chili fries, chili cheese fries, chicken strip and fries, butter chicken fries and the usual. Now, you can either choose from the menu, or as one customer did, ask them for an inventive combo of butter chicken sauce on garlic fries. “It was the most delicious butter chicken on garlic fries I've ever had in my life,” the customer wrote on the Facebook Eat New West group.

Located at 800 McBride Blvd. 

Butterica Indian Kitchen

At this “fresh and fast” Indian grill, you'll taste the ordinary fries with a big twist — all thanks to the restaurant’s popular Butterica sauce. Yep, the restaurant was confident enough to centre its whole identity around this one sauce — butterica. Made with fresh tomatoes that are slow-cooked and smoked for six to seven hours, as reported in the Record, the sauce is the key topping that makes their fries a favourite. As a customer noted on Facebook, “You can seriously taste that the sauce was made fresh and is significantly different from most other butter chicken sauces around here."

Located at 810 Quayside Dr.

Anny’s Dairy Bar

The home of the Montreal-style poutine also serves up a bag of simple and satisfying home-made french fries — without the smoked meat and the curds. Offered in a brown bag, the fries can be doused with ketchup or vinegar and salt. While many on Facebook tout it as one of the best spots for french fries in New West, one customer on Trip Advisor calls it the best in the Lower Mainland.

Located at 722 6th St.

The Spud Shack Fry Co.

The restaurant boasts of serving the “gold standard” of Belgian-inspired frites (French for fries) right on the front page of its website — and the comments online seem to validate this. The reviewers on Yelp describe it as “hot and crispy”, “comforting”, “perfectly seasoned” and capable of “holding their texture.” The restaurant makes its fries with fresh potatoes that are hand cut and dunked in hot oil; and from this social media poll for New West’s best french fries, whatever it is that the restaurant's doing seems to be working.

Located at 352-800 Carnarvon St. 

Cockney Kings Fish & Chips

As in the name, what this joint attracts customers for the most is its classic menu item, fish and chips. But let’s for a second separate the perfect pairing to shine light on just the spuds. The chips, which are the English equivalent of french fries (though one is slightly different from the other in shape, per BBC), are a key part of every meal at Cockney Kings — be it their small plates or entrees. And from a majority of reviews on Yelp, they seem to be a crowd-puller at this noshery. 

Located at Columbia Square Plaza, 66 10th St.