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Drop your needles and join this community yarn swap in New West

Here's where to jazz up your yarn collection.
Swap your pre-loved yarn in exchange for another at Baaad Rabbit Fibre Arts this weekend.

Good news for all fibre art lovers who are unsure of what to do with the oodles of yarn they have stocked up — but no longer love.

A community yarn swap is coming to New Westminster on Sunday, Sept. 10, presenting the perfect opportunity for those who have been wanting to give their yarn collection an overhaul. 

The event will be hosted by Baaad Rabbit Fibre Arts (804 20th St.) to celebrate the yarn store's one-year anniversary in New West. 

Founded by New West-based Rebecca Glazier of Wild West Dye and Paula Lindner of Baaad Anna's (an East Hastings yarn shop), the store has in the past year hosted knitting socials, started a fibre art books library and run workshops on indigo vat dyeing and wet felting among others. 

For the yarn swap, the store has borrowed the concept of a casual swap among fellow knitters and tweaked it to make sure all exchanges are "fair and equitable."

Among friends, a swap is a simple exchange of "a skein of something you no longer want to use for something they no longer want," as per the store's Instagram post — but in a community yarn swap, "when you bring in your yarn to swap you will be given 'yarn tickets.'"

"The amount of tickets for your yarn is based on its fibre content and whether it was commercial or hand dyed," the post adds.

Only full skeins in good condition — "with no allergens (smells/ hair) or evidence of moths (sand-like particles, loose/ cut ends)" — will be accepted. 

"To exchange yarn on the swap tables, just trade in your tickets," the post states.

The swap meet, while allowing knitters to browse a collection of pre-owned yarn, is also an opportunity to check out the store’s birthday special — a new limited edition six-stripe custom colourway skein.

The swap meet is scheduled for Sept. 10 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.