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Cannabis-infused production facility gets the green light at New West public hearing

Secondary suite changes also approved
Leaf Infusions has received New Westminster city council's support for opening a manufacturing facility in Queensborough, which will produce cannabis-infused products like gummies and tinctures.

Gummies and other products will get infused with cannabis at a manufacturing facility slated to open in Queensborough.

Following a Feb. 22 public hearing, council approved a zoning text amendment that allows Leaf Infusions to open a cannabis-infused products manufacturing facility at 1135 Tanaka Ct. The company will make cannabis-infused products, such as gummies and tinctures, for licensed producers, the BC Liquor Distribution Branch or licensed retailers in Canada.

The 15,269-square-foot (1,419-square-metre) facility will be located in a vacant space beside Value Village in Queensborough. It will not provide retail sales to the public.

At a Feb. 22 public hearing, council also considered zoning amendment bylaw 8154, which deals with secondary suite requirements. This bylaw is intended to streamline the city's secondary suite program, with a goal of simplifying regulations, speeding up the application process and reducing staff resources needed to review applications.

“Alongside the recent changes to secondary suite requirements in the B.C. Building Code in 2019, the updated New Westminster secondary suites program would continue to focus on regulating life safety and key livability, while allowing for more flexibility on design-related requirements for suites,” said a report to council.

The report states the proposed revisions to the secondary suite program would: remove requirements in the zoning bylaw that are already regulated by the B.C. Building Code in order to reduce redundancy; relocate life safety and key livability standards (now located in the design standards and guidelines) into the body of the zoning bylaw; and refresh and relocate non-key design guidelines currently located in the design standards and guidelines into a new secondary suite guide.

No members of the public addressed council regarding these items at Monday’s virtual public hearings.


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