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Have a story to share? Try this New Westminster workshop

Elders, seniors and wisdom sharers are invited to share their stories.
HINDSIGHT: A Storytelling Workshop for Elders, Seniors and Wisdom Sharers, is coming to Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces starting in February.

Is there a story inside you just waiting to be told? Has getting older given you a new perspective on the way your life has unfolded?

Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces has a new outlet for you. The arts space is launching HINDSIGHT: A Storytelling Workshop for Elders, Seniors and Wisdom Sharers, starting in February.

"Stories are the threads that make up the fabric of our lives. We all have stories. They can help form who we are in the world. There are stories we tell ourselves or tell others or share with family or friends. These stories are important," explains a write-up about the program.  "As we grow older and learn more about ourselves and about the world around us, our perceptions of things can change. It is this learning about ourselves and feelings that can sometimes make our stories feel obsolete — or at least in need of a rewrite."

The workshop hopes to see participants from a wide array of backgrounds and lived experiences.

"Through writing and prompts, discussions and theatre games, you will bring your story forward and polish it. All in a way that is relaxed, encouraging and non-judgmental," explains the program write-up.

It's open to people of all abilities who have a story to tell, with a focus on sharing your story with others in the community. There are no age restrictions, but if the class fills up, preference will be given to participants over 50.

The workshop will be led by Allan Morgan, an actor, storyteller and senior artist in residence at Massey Theatre.

HINDSIGHT is set to run every Wednesday from Feb. 15 to May 3, from 1 to 3 p.m. The workshop costs $180, with subsidies available.

More information and registration is available at the Eighth  & Eight website.

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