Here's what some New West candidates had to say on election night

Record reporters were out on the town on election – covering the action at city hall and at the Team Cote and New West Progressives election parties. Here are some of the things we heard on election night:

* Angela Sealy, independent council candidate: “I would have loved to have seen a few independents in there. I really would have. I’d like to have seen it mixed up.”

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* David Halkett, president of the New West Progressives: “I am hearing our candidates saying the fight isn’t over. We may have lost the battle, but the war is far from over.”

* Patrick Johnstone, incumbent Team Cote council candidate: “I think we ran a campaign on a positive record. We ran a positive campaign talking about the things we did and about the things we want to do in the city. I think that overall won. We also ran a really strong campaign with great volunteers. I couldn’t be happier.”

* Paul McNamara, New West Progressives council candidate: “To be honest with you, you know who I feel sorry for? I feel sorry for our youth. I really do. This council needs to be held accountable to make sure we have the infrastructure for our youth, whether it’s a swimming pool or a hockey rink, a lacrosse box in Queensborough. We have to look after our youth. My heart sinks for our youth.”

* Jaimie McEvoy, incumbent Team Cote council candidate: “The existing council has a good track record. I think people just have confidence.”

* Daniel Fontaine, New West Progressives council candidate: “What’s really exciting for me is that that was a lot of people in this campaign who had never been involved in a single election campaign in their life, let alone running for public office. They said to me tonight, you have inspired me to stay involved, to get others to get involved and to make sure that in the next election we don’t have the same results that we had tonight. I will help them and I will support them on that journey.”

* Mayor Jonathan Cote, Team Cote incumbent mayoral candidate, on Team Cote council candidate Chinu Das: “I’m proud that I have a master’s degree in urban planning, but she’s got a PhD in urban planning.”

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