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Tell us about yourself. (100 words)

I've resided in the Moody Park neighbourhood since 2005 and my daughter attends public school here.  I am proud to be employed at WorksafeBC for over 20 years.  Volunteering has always given me the opportunity to listen and learn what is happening in my community.  I have spent time volunteering with the Multicultural Society of BC and Honour House. I am currently volunteering on the Glenbrook Parent Advisory Council and the Hyack Ambassador program. I am honored to work along such intelligent and dedicated youth and I feel I am helping our future community leaders. 

What are the top 3 issues facing the New Westminster school board?

Continue working to provide a clear, cohesive Mental Health Strategy for the School District. Which includes ongoing support and easy access for parents, students and teachers.

Adequate support for students with special needs. We want to review the need of Education Assistants and support workers. Custodial staff is also an ...

What do you think this school board has done well? what have they done wrong?

The current School Board reports a surplus, however many schools are bursting with enrollment and portables keep getting added and parents are frustrated.

What is your position on the school district’s involvement in May Day?

May Day is a great time of year as there are so many educational aspects to this wonderful tradition and I think its an integral part of the School District. Its a great way to get everyone to participate and get involved with adding new ideas and traditions. Children and ...

What three people would you invite to a dinner party? (alive or dead)

My sister Helen, if she was here today she would be the New West Progressives biggest cheerleader.  She enjoyed the way municipal elections worked in different communities.  My mother would never miss a dinner invite as she knew there would be great conversations and wine, especially if I invited someone ...

Editor's note: Candidates were given specific word count guidelines and were cut off if they went over the count.

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