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What a croc: Vancouver police help woman terrified by fake gator

Who needs coffee in the morning when terrifying lizard art can get the adrenaline pumping?
This is not an alligator. Or a crocodile, for that matter. Or even a caiman.

This morning Vancouver police responded to a "hysterical" caller with an unusually toothy issue.

A woman reported an alligator in the high-rise building where she lives at 7 a.m. this morning (July 22).

In a tweet Cst. Jason Doucette wrote the resident came face to face with the gator and hid in a stairwell.

Luckily the police were able to confirm that the bright gold lizard was in fact a "realistic fake." Doucette shared a photo of the life-sized golden piece of art.

 "Phew," wrote Doucette, about the discovery.