Trio lead Royal City track haul

Ryan Goudron, Jackson Schiebler and Katelyn Stewart-Barnett got their summer vacations off to a great start, stacking up three gold medal finishes each at the Trevor Craven Memorial Track and Field meet this past week in Burnaby.

The three Royal City Track and Field Club athletes led a strong contingent from New West to the Norwester Club meet. Goudron won three events in the boys 14-15 age division: the 300-metre dash, the 2000m race and the 1500m steeplechase.

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For Schiebler, the victories in the 60- and 100m dash and 600m race came in the 10-year-old competition, while Stewart-Barnett topped the girls 14-15 age group’s 1500m steeplechase, the 2000m distance run and high jump. She also picked up silver in the 1200m race.

Collecting a pair of gold medals was 10-year-old Talia Phangura, in shotput and discus.

Multiple medalists included Ava Forsyth, who in the girls 10 division topped the 1000m and placed second in 600m, Ellie Yong, with a gold in 60m hurdles and bronze in high jump, while other first-place finishers were Emma Dolman, coming first in 14-15 girls 400m hurdles, Ella Foster, topping girls 15 pole vault, Mia Gracia, in division 9 girls 600m, and Lindsay Goudron, in girls 13 discus.

Here are more Royal City track results: GIRLS, Div. 9 – Elizabeth Blatherwick, 3rd HJ; Hope Blatherwick, 2nd HJ, 4th 60m; Amara Chiang, 3rd LJ, SP. Div. 10 – Abby Brolin, 3rd HJ, 5th SP; Maresa Laconte, 3rd LJ, SP, 5th 600m. Div. 12 – Zehra Ali, 3rd 800m, 5th LJ; Indira Chiang, 3rd 200m, 80h, HJ, SP; Nathalie Flood, 3rd 200h, 4th 300m, 800m; Mballany Kambid, 2nd 80h, 3rd 100m; Lishan Melles-Hewitt, 2nd 1200m. Div. 13 – Nicole Blatherwick, 2nd HT; Robin Rohu, 5th 300m; Annika Yong, 2nd 80h, 3rd 200h, Jav. Div. 14-15 – Monika Arcadi, 4th HJ; Ella Foster, 4th TJ. Div. 16-17 – Kaitlyn Hanger, 3rd HJ, SP; Zuzanna Linieski, 4th HT.

BOYS, Div. 9 – Finn Moreland, 4th 100m, 5th 60h; Ethen Morrow, 5th HJ, SP. Div. 12 – Noah Brolin, 4th HJ, SP, 5th 200m; Max Holmes, 4th 1200m; Ross McCrae, 5th 80h. Div. 13 – Kairo Chiang, 2nd 100m, 200m, TJ, PV, 3rd 80h; Ethan Lauritzen, 4th Jav; Levi Tuura, 2nd Disc, 3rd HJ, 4th SP. Div. 14-15 – Cameron Dewith, 5th 1200m; Henry Ruclman, 2nd 2000m; Kira Wanniarachchi, 2nd HJ, 4th 200m; Div. 16-17 – Jeremy Belcher, 4th 100m, 5th TJ; Jack Foster, 2nd PV; Ryan Holloway, 3rd Disc; Ryan Jensen, 2nd 110h.

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