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Understanding mediation: the purpose and benefits

Sea to Sky Law is now offering clients mediation services to help solve your family law disputes while avoiding an expensive trial
Mediation in action

Mediation is a crucial element in civil law – not only in the context of preserving relationships through impartial conflict resolution but also in the literal sense of keeping things civil.  

A qualified mediator ensures the process is empathetic and unbiased while keeping the peace to ensure a fair resolution. According to the experts at Sea to Sky Law, mediations are almost always successful in achieving an agreement for at least some if not all issues in a given dispute. 

Now, the firm is proud to announce that its founder, Andrew Liggett, has recently added a Family Law Mediator and Family Law Arbitrator qualification to his impressive list of accolades, further diversifying the variety of client services.

The meaning of mediation 

Mediation is one of several Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options available to solve  disputes before having a trial judge make the decision. Mediation is an ideal option for those wanting a more confidential, private process where the certified mediator facilitates an agreement for all parties. 

However, it’s important to clarify that a mediator does not resolve the dispute by making a decision as a trial judge would. Instead, the mediator assists the concerned parties in clarifying the issues in dispute before helping find common ground for them to come to a settlement agreement.

Mediation can sometimes take several days for more complex issues. However, most cases typically achieve some success on the first day of mediation.

Even for the most challenging scenarios, using mediation is often a more desirable option - even if all parties are pessimistic - since the cost is significantly lower for one day of mediation compared to the cost of preparing for and attending a trial, which can sometimes take up to a week or more.

Other ADR options include private arbitration, which is like a private trial without the publicity of going to court. Unlike mediation, the arbitrator makes the decision. 

There is also a hybrid of mediation and private arbitration known as MED-ARB, in which a mediator begins the process of helping the parties reach an agreement. However, if they are unable to do so, both sides can consent to having the mediator convert to an arbitrator role to decide the issue(s) in dispute. 

Seeking help from Sea to Sky Law

With his new accreditations, ​​Liggett and his team at Sea to Sky Law can now offer clients a certified Mediator and Arbitrator to solve your family law disputes before you have to attend an expensive trial.

Backed by over 30 years of successful dispute resolution, this expertise includes experience as counsel in three levels of court, as well as acting as parents’ counsel in many Family Law and child protection mediations. 

Additionally, Sea to Sky Law is willing to bring these services to you through a variety of virtual hosting options, including FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Google Duo. This flexible offering is also helpful for parties who do not feel comfortable being in the same space, ensuring ideal accommodations for all. 

Learn more about how Sea to Sky Law can help you achieve success using mediation by visiting or calling 778-728-0208.