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New Westminster teacher and aspiring holistic nutritionist receives RBC scholarship

In celebration of International Youth Day 2021, RBC is shining a spotlight on remarkable Canadian youth

New Westminster resident, Alexandra Jobb, is confident about her passion for learning, teaching and sharing knowledge with others. She recently completed the Professional Development Program at Simon Fraser University to become a certified teacher and has worked as a teacher-on-call for the last year. 

“I love working with people, talking to them, hearing their stories, learning from them, and helping all that I can,” shares Jobb. “However, I was at a loss as to what I should be teaching, what my passion was. The teachers I talk to, the ones who I love to substitute for, are all passionate about not just their students, but also what they are teaching them.”

Jobb struggled with what subject matter she would want to commit to teaching day in and day out to her students. She was so focused on determining what she would teach from a traditional perspective that she didn’t realize the answer was right in front of her.

“I started researching prevention, nutrition, this all-elusive health, and the steps we can all take to diminish our risk to many ailments,” explains Jobb. “Although I am fortunate and have not had a major scare myself, there are many in my close circle of friends and family whose health has been stolen. I wanted to learn all that I could about why those dear to me were suffering.”

Jobb was recently awarded an RBC scholarship to put towards earning her Holistic Nutrition diploma at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

“Although I have done my own research, as an educator I value learning from those who are masters of their craft,” she says. “I want to develop my passion and combine it with my teaching career. I want to be a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.”

Jobb is one of more than 500 recipients who will be awarded a $1,500 RBC Future Launch scholarship in 2021. The recipients are selected based on their drive, excitement for lifelong learning, and on their plans that show how the funds will generate a new future in a burgeoning career.

“There is a saying among teachers that ‘Teachers are lifelong learners’ and that is precisely what I intend to be,” says Jobb.