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How to navigate the legal matters of separation

New West-based Sea to Sky Law Corporation dispenses reliable family law counsel in B.C.
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Family-related legal matters can be extremely stressful, painful, and difficult. As you go through the process of separation or any aspects of family law, it's essential that you understand the law to protect your best interests.

Your most pragmatic decision is to retain an experienced lawyer, someone to provide you expert representation, who will educate you on your rights and guide you to successfully navigate the legal process, whatever that may be.

You'll be best served by having an expert legal professional on your side to advocate for your rights, which is where Andrew Liggett, divorce and family lawyer, and founder of Sea to Sky Law Corporation, can help.

He's highly regarded for his level of expertise, professionalism, and friendliness—qualities put into action in Sea to Sky Law's representation of each client. Liggett and his team are adept at both routine legal procedures as well as more complicated matters involving family issues. They offer a unique depth of resources and experience in family law.

"I've been doing this for 31 years, not just practicing law, but I have life experience outside of academics," he says. "I consider myself empathetic and highly communicative with a friendly demeanor. I listen and I care. We're trained in law school to focus on facts not feelings, but communication is feelings, and I believe I understand people's feelings; I'm someone who's relatable."

"I often get clients who are on their third or fourth lawyer who parted ways because they just didn't click or their lawyer didn't communicate well."

Liggett has decades of successful experience providing trusted legal solutions. In addition to family law, the firm provides services in several areas, including business law, estate law, divorce, child support and property division concerns. 

When couples file for separation

When you decide to separate, Liggett and his team shepherd you through the process to achieve results tailored to your unique situation. After your initial consultation, you'll know the right approach and strategies to get the best results in your separation case.

The issues addressed in a separation reflect the most fundamental of concerns, including your children, home, life savings, possibly a business interest, and your financial future.

Sea to Sky Law is devoted to working closely with you to resolve these issues, preferably through a collaborative negotiated settlement, if possible, however, if not, through vigorous and precise litigation.

Court versus negotiating a separation agreement

"It's better to achieve a settlement than go to court," advises Liggett. "Even if children are not involved, it can be cheaper and quicker to make an agreement usually through mediation. The court has its own required process which could take a year or two, plus the extra time can be expensive. However, full financial disclosure is required before any negotiation or mediation. A fair agreement can only be made if based on facts instead of hopes and assumptions. Almost always, a court action must be started so both spouses understand that full financial disclosure is mandatory. Then, after the disclosure is received a settlement can be negotiated.”

When children are involved

"There's no more "custody" in B.C. family law," reveals Liggett. "The focus is all about what's best for the child, not what either parent thinks are their rights. It's all about guardianship."

Division of assets

Liggett says the starting point is 50-50 of all assets and debt. "Identify and list every asset and debt and the value from the beginning. You keep what you brought to the relationship and full financial disclosure is legally required."

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